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This book is my attempt to explain in a simple and easy to

understand way, why we celebrate Navratri, and more

specifically why should we celebrate nine manifestations of Goddess in a particular sequence, and further how do the Nine manifestations of Goddess relate with chakras of yoga; When I was working on making the paintings of the Nine goddesses then a number of questions arose in my mind. Questions such as,

why did Goddess take these nine special forms-so different from each other? if they all are the forms of same Mata Durga then why don’t we pray any form,any day? Why do we celebrate and worship the nine forms of Goddess in a particular sequence-starting with 1. Shailputri 2. Brahmcharani 3. Chandraghanta 4. kushmanda 5. Skandmata 6. Katyayni 7. Kalratri 8. Mahagauri . 9. Sidhidatri ;What is the hidden meaning behind these nine different forms of maa Durga?Do the different forms convey different messages? If so what

are those messages? Why do some form have only two hands, while others had four, or eight or even ten? Why is Mata sitting on different animals like lion, tiger, bull, sometimes standing bare feet

and most of all what is the significance of Mata sitting in a bizarre form on a running donkey? Why is Mata holding different things in her hands, what was the meaning of each of these things? For example-‘Kamandal’ In a number of images of Maa Durga, you will notice that Maa is holding a Kamandal in her hand. A Kamandal is a pot of water. Ever wondered why Maa holds one or what is it trying to teach us? Let me

try and explain.. Maa is holding a Kamandal which is symbolising self-restraint. Water is a sign of purity but has a weakness to flow downwards (desire).

2 Similarly, if we let our minds free it can lust for unnecessary things, therefore controlling our mind is very important. The various objects in Maa’s hands are learnings and lessons for us on what to practice in

our lives. Like a Kamandal holding the water we need to control our minds and this is called Atamsayam (self-restraint). What I have found out is that nine different forms of Goddess have the same attributes as nine chakras of Tantra, and goal of both these

paths is the same -to help us attain enlightenment; Perhaps that is what was in the minds of our sages who have introduced us to Goddess worship in this particular sequence ;This then is not a mere coincidence! In fact as I have found out the above sequence of worship forms a

ladder of Nine Specific steps which can lead us to the state of higher awareness-in which we may find the answer of the most important question of our life namely-Who am I? Or what is my reality or identity in the universe I feel blessed to have been able to understand all this and much more; However, I don’t want to hold on to this wisdom that god has showered on me, so I want to share all that knowledge through this