Yantra and Chakra Navratri Online Workshop

Oct 2020

During the Navratri in Oct 2020, we organised an online Zoom workshops in the morning and evening where participants got a chance to draw and paint the yantra of the day and learn about the impact of Yantra and chakra in our daily lives.

Planetary Numerology and Yantra Workshop

Sep 14th - 15th, 2019

Day 1 - Rudi Kuhn sharing wisdom and insights from the science of numerology and helping everyone get a deeper understanding of their personalities and behaviours.

Day 2 - Everyone immersed themselves in the art of Yantra and made beautiful paintings guided by Sushma Johari Madan whilst being explained the benefits and science behind Yantras and Mandalas.

Ancient Beliefs or Science: an Exhbition

Jul 22nd - 26th, 2019

A picture says a thousand words and when it's a painting by Sushma, it says a thousand words of wisdom.

Gifted Artist, Sculptor, Published Author and a Spriitual Teacher Sushma Johari Madan will be showcasing exquisite painting collection from the series named "Ancient beliefs or Science" at the Nehru Centre in July 2019.

Each painting is based on an ancient belief, story, tradition or myth from the mystical land of India. The most unique thing about Sushma's paintings is that she not only turns those stories into eye catching and intriguiging art work but also makes the important connection of that story or belief with modern lives and how each belief gives us a valuable lesson that we can apply to enhance our lives.



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