The 9 Goddesses

A collection of oil paintings, depicting the 9 forms of Maa Durga worshipped at Navratri.

Hindu Deities

A collection of oil paintings and watercolour pencil illustrations of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.


A collection of acrylic paintings depicting various landscapes and scenes.


A collection of sculptures made from various clay such as terracotta, air drying and plaster of paris, the sculptures range from complex idols of hindu gods to simple studies.


A collection of sculptures of Hindu Deities and observation studies made from air drying clay, plaster of paris, terracotta and ceramics; as well as images of the progression of Sushma's work.

The 9 Goddesses with Dhyana Mantras

A collection of oil paintings depicting the 9 forms of Maa Durga worshipped at Navratri with the Dhyan Mantra's of each goddess, written by Sushma's brother Dinesh Johari, making up the border of each painting 


Other Artwork

A collection of artwork which displays the variety in Sushma's style, this contains work ranging from close up floral studies to abstract art and much more.

In Progress

A collection of photos of Sushma's work in the making.

Yantra Classes

A collection of photos depicting workshops Sushma has taught and engaged in.



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