Sushma Johari Madan is an Indian born artist who grew up in a family of renowned artists. Sushma was trained from a very young age by her brothers, Shri Harish Johari and Shri Suresh Johari, she had always received a distinction in art all the way up to her graduation. In 1984, Sushma left India, with her husband and three daughters for Libya. Then in 1991 she moved to London, where she now stays. After her marriage she did not get a chance to continue painting, even despite her brother (Dada) always asking her to start painting again, it was only after she lost her brother that she decided to take up painting again, with the idea that it would bring her peace of mind. Sushma had a 35 year gap in which she was out of touch with drawing and painting, it was when her younger brother Denesh Johari (Bhaiya) asked her to make paintings of the 9 forms of Maa Durga that she started painting again; the process of making the paintings was life changing for her. She feels she has been graced by God and enlightened by this personal experience about the nine Goddesses and Chakras; she shares their knowledge through her book titled ‘Old Traditions Can Enhance Modern Life’. She currently is always creating and experimenting with her artwork and is very proud of her grandsons who carry on this artistic legacy (Pavan, Arin and Robo).

Sushma pursues her passion of art by exploring various artistic hobbies ranging from interior decoration, gardening and landscaping, to dress designing and even cooking and creating new innovative, healthy recipes. She investigates art through it’s various forms including complex sculptures of Hindu Gods and intricate decoration pieces made from ceramics and ceramic colors, air drying clay, plaster of Paris and terracotta; she also makes landscape paintings, still life, portraiture, depictions of Hindu deities, Yantra Painting; additionally she explores various mediums such as oil paint and acrylic paint; she uses these on various surfaces such as paper and canvas. She has an exclusive watercolor wash technique which she uses on silk and watercolor paper.

She draws inspiration from every aspect of her surroundings and sees the whole world as her family. She runs regular classes of Yantra, Tantra, Mandala, Numerology, Sculpture and Silk wash paintings. Sushma’s principal belief is that you can never stop learning.



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